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Find the best deals in the new app!

For Fresh Deals (specials in Produce and Prepared Foods), check our Sales page or find our flyers at the front of the store, but now, you can find most of the great deals we offer in the new Co+op Deals app!

Download it from Google Play or from Apple for your device.

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Today's Deli Menu

What it means to be an Owner

You don't have to be an Owner to shop at the Co-op, but being an owner has many benefits!

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Standards of Quality

​All products sold at the
Co-op are free of:​

  • Artificial Preservatives

  • Artificial Colors

  • Artificial Flavors

  • Artificial Sweeteners

  • Chemical Additives

  • Click to see full list

We evaluate every product that the Co-op sells with your health in mind. We stand behind the principle of not carrying Genetically Modified foods in the store.

Co-op Wins GreenChill Award from EPA

Neighborhood Co-op Grocery leads the way in becoming the first store in Southern Illinois to receive a Silver Level GreenChill certification from the Environment Protection Agency(EPA). This award is given to businesses that reduce in-store refrigerant usage 


Community Donations

Have you heard about our Wooden Nickel program? Quarterly we collect money for two charitable organizations that support people, environment and animals alike. If there is an organization you’d like to see supported or are part of an organization that needs help, just sign up online! Read more...

Our Mission

We aim to serve the needs of our owners and patrons by providing wholesome foods economically in the cooperative tradition, in ways that best promote the health of the individual, the community, and the earth. Read more...

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