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Local & Natural
What does natural mean for you?

Local and certified USDA organic at All Seasons Farm

Local is important to the Co-op

What is local? We are proud to feature local products that were grown, made, or processed within the state of Illinois and outside the state within a 200 mile radius to the store.

Our staff works to build long lasting relationships with our farmers and producers. For instance, our Produce Manager works with dozens of growers every year to plan what they will grow for the Co-op. This kind of cooperation means you get a wider array of fruits and vegetables to choose from and our farmers know they have grown something the Co-op will buy. 


Neighborhood Co-op is committed to not only selling local, but buying it at a fair price, which means the farmers have more financial security. When you buy Local goods,  you can feel good and like you are making a difference in your community. 


In 2014 we sold $929,000 in local goods, that number was up 21% from 2013!

Meet some of of growers and producers

Of course we would love to be able to list all of local/regional suppliers and growers, but with over 400 products on any given day in the store that would be a long list, so here are just a few that we buy from regularly.

Farms & Orchards

All Seasons Farm (certified USDA Organic)  

Between The Rivers Apiary (honey from local flowers)

Country Sprout Organics (certified USDA Organic - fruits and vegetables)

Earth's Best Popcorn

Flora Bay Farm (Herbs, Flowers, Vegetables)

Frontwards Farm
Hollow Pumpkin Farm

Kilgus Farmstead (dairy products)

Rendleman Orchards (apples, peaches and nectarines)

SIUC Farm to Fork

Spring Valley Farm

Union Springs Farm (sprouts, lettuce and herbs)

Voss Pecans


Meat, Poultry, Seafood & Eggs

Mulkeytown Fresh Farm (free range eggs)

Family Friendly Farm (free range eggs)

Lick Creek Beef
Bison Bluff Ranch (bison)
Heartland Longhorn (beef and pork)


Value-Added Producers

Devil's Breath Chile Company (pickles, jerky, hot sauces)

Happy Solez (clothing and smallwares)

Renneck Ranch (salsa)


Wellness Products

Maryanne's Organics (raw, beegan and natural body care products)

Happy cows from Lick Ceek Beef

Learn More

To learn more about our local food system and eating local foods, check out these websites:

Food Works

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