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The Co-op holds all kinds of charitable events throughout the year. Big or small, local or national, we feel it is important to support organizations that match values of community, health, sustainability, and the environment. 


Locally, we support smaller organizations that have a regional impact through our Wooden Nickels program. Shoppers receive a Wooden Nickel for every bag-able purchase when they bring their own bag to take it home in. They can then donate that Wooden Nickel to one of two nonprofits. These nonprofits are chosen quarterly from suggestions made by staff, customers, owners, and community members.


Note: We would appreciate it if you didn't remove the wooden nickel from the store. This is a great expense to have to replace nickels. Money spent on replacement coins is money that can be used for other needs. Thank you!

To apply for our Wooden Nickel program please fill out our Donation Request Form

Other Community Donations: If you would like support for an event you have coming up, please let us know. Our resources are limited, but we will provide what we can.  Fill out our online Donation Request Form.

Our Donations Policy

Organizations must be a registered 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit; must be nonpartisan (not affiliated with or promoting any political issue, party, or candidate); cannot discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or physical disability; should benefit Southern Illinois communities and their citizens; are fundraising for programs that are not intended to advance a particular religious belief; and are fundraising for programs that meet all of the above criteria.

For any purchase requiring a bag, when you bring your own reusable bag, you will receive a wooden nickel per transaction to donate to one of two regional charities that change each quarter. You decide which organization to donate to. (Wooden Nickel donations are capped at $250 per organization. However, all cash donations will be given to the organization in addition to the Wooden Nickel contribution.)

Current Recipients

Wooden Nickels

The Women’s Center

One of the first domestic violence centers in the country, The Women's Center, Inc. was created in 1972 by a group of visionaries who recognized the need for a safe, secure environment for Southern Illinois women and their children. We are pro-choice in all aspects of women's social, educational, financial, family, and legal rights. Their mission is to stop the violence, support each survivor and provide information about resources and options so they can take charge of their lives.


The Women’s Center strives to give a voice to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by advocating on behalf of the survivor according to their wishes.Education is the key to ending violence. They offer many free public programs on preventing domestic violence and sexual assault.


To learn more visit

Friends of the Shawnee National Forest


Friends of the Shawnee National Forest is a nonprofit organization that supports the Shawnee National Forest by promoting land stewardship, environmental education, and responsible outdoor recreation.


Founded in 2010, the organization works closely with the U. S. Forest Service staff and volunteers to provide high quality recreation and conservation opportunities in Southern Illinois. They value our public lands and encourage all people to get out and experience the scenic beauty of the Shawnee National Forest. Incredible sandstone bluffs, diverse flora and fauna, easy access to rivers, creeks, and lakes, and abundant opportunities to experience nature are just a few of the reasons they love this area. Through a combination of education, community outreach, and advocacy, together we can preserve and protect this extraordinary resource.


To learn more visit


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