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Departments: Meats
Organic. Free range. Grass fed.

The Co-op has unique options for local and regional meats and fishes! Various times a year, we offer bison cuts from Bison Bluff Farm down in Cobden to Lick Creek Beef all grass fed meats. Another local company that we are now working with is Heartland Longhorns. Their animals are also grass fed by rotating pastures, hay and Non-GMO corn that is raised on their farm.


Our Chicken is antibiotic and hormone free; we offer whole chickens as well as packaged thighs, breasts, etc.



The Neighborhood Co-op is the only place in town to sell wild-caught Asian Carp, supplied by Fin Gourmet Foods, just an hour away in in Paducah, Kentucky.


Asian Carp have the highest content of Omega-3 fatty acids per gram among fresh-water fish, on par with wild-caught salmon, and have trace amounts of mercury or lead. They are top-water filter feeders, not at all like their cousins the Common Carp, which are bottom feeders. And they do not eat other fish, making them a healthy clean source of protein. In fact, every 100 g of Asian Carp contains about 20 g of pure protein, on par with wild-caught salmon.


Fin uses patented processing techniques to debone Asian Carp fillets and to make all-natural surimi (Japanese fish paste) from the Carp without using water or chemicals. Learn more at


Our Salmon

We work with local owners of Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood Company to bring in some of the best salmon! Privately owned and maintaining their own fishing & processing crew, Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood Company ensures the highest quality salmon available. And since they are not a large corporate fishing operation, they offer lower prices than the other guys.


Off-season, you will find an abundance of frozen salmon. However in the summer, we offer fresh line-caught salmon, never frozen, that is brought to us directly from Alaska! Visit for more information.

Meat, Poultry, & Seafood

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