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What you find at the Co-op

You never know what you will find at the Co-op! From new products, sampling, to live music, events and educational classes, there’s always something going on. We like it that way. After all, we’re not your average grocery store. We’re a Co-op! Being a Co-op means we are owned by over 3,000 friends and neighbors, which makes us especially sensitive to their needs. 

We specialize in local, organic, fairly traded and all-natural goods. That means no junk in your food. To see all the processes and ingredients we stay away from check out our Product Standards.

Besides groceries for the every day and gourmet, we also have a huge selection of gluten-free foods that are clearly labeled on the shelves. But we don’t stop there; we have foods for vegetarians and vegans, and even some kosher and halal selections. We offer


We’re all about local, especially in produce. Every year at the start of the growing season our Produce Manager meets with our local and regional farmers to help them plan their crops. Doing this helps ensure that the farmers don’t plant the same things. We support our farmers by paying them a fair amount for their hard work, while making sure the price is affordable for our customers. Just think of us as your every day, all-year-long farmers' market.

Packaged Grocery & Frozen Foods

We cover all the bases. If you are a foodie, you’ll be in heaven! Olive oils from all over the world, specialty vanillas, a plethora of flours, exotic salts and peppers, panko crumbs, organic meats...We’ve got all kinds of things to keep you busy and loving every minute of it!

For those with celiac disease or gluten-restrictions we’ve made shopping easy. We have labels on the shelves indicating gluten-free products and there is also a gluten-free section in the store and the freezer. Not to mention, we can source things for youtoo so you can place a special order.

At the Co-op you will find a vast array of healthy options for vegetarians and vegans. Everything from meat substitutes and vegan cheese, to a variety of frozen dinners. We have the largest selection of these kinds of products in town!

Meat, Poultry, & Seafood

Bar none, our meat department rocks! We have more local/regional choices of meat than any game in town. There’s all types of bison cuts from Bison Bluff Farm down in Cobden; Lick Creek Beef steaks, roasts and ground beef; Miller’s Amish Chicken from over the divide in Indiana; and even Tony Cook's Wild Alaskan Salmon & Seafood, which delivers us line-caught salmon! We carry seasonal selections, some kosher and halal options, too.     

Wine & Beer

Our section is not huge, but that’s OK. Our wines are award winners and some of the best-kept secrets in town. We have local wines, but also tried and true domestic and imported selections. From Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer to cabs, pinots, and yes even merlots, there’s plenty to choose from at a good value too.

What about beer you say? This is where we really shine. All of our beers, save one - trusty PBR, are craft brews from all over. Everything from pilsners to the richest stouts and everything in between, all of them having their own nuances and character. You can try something new every day!

Dairy & Other Refrigerated Goods

Folks tell us all the time that we have the sweetest milk in town. We figure it's those Jersey cows at Organic Valley or maybe it's because it didn't travel far, like our local Kilgus Farmstead milks. Whatever it is we sell a lot of milk. The Co-op also offers a wide variety of non-dairy options, too.

From local yogurt, canned biscuits, rolled pie crust, kimchi, organic and European style butter, butter spread, vegan deli slices, Middle Eastern style flat breads, local and organic eggs, and more kinds of yogurt in more flavors than you can shake a stick at, we've got it waiting for you.


With over 200 items, mostly name brands, without all the packaging, our bulk department is sure to save you money and space at the landfill. Oh, and you won't believe the selection, either! 

Have a mystery bag in your cabinet and need to look up the PLU/BIN # ? Search here!

Wellness: Bulk Herbs, Spices, and Loose Teas

Did you know that herbs and spices lose their flavor in about six months?


Hmmm, now you’re thinking, When did I buy that jar of oregano, 2002? Ooo yeah, it is probably time to toss a few out. Sounds like it will cost a fortune, right?! It doesn't have to! That is the beauty of our bulk herbs and spices department. You can buy just the teaspoon you need for a recipe or enough to last for months!


We sell a lot of herbs and spices, so you can count on what you buy being fresh! And, our selection is, bar-none, the best! From whole cardamom pods, pink salt and smoked peppercorns to chipotle powder, popcorn seasoning, and even psyllium husks. 


If you are a tea connoisseur, bulk teas are the way to go! There are so many to choose from and they are all loose leaf and of fine quality. Come in and check them out!

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