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Sales: Case & Special Orders
Interested in placing a case or special order?

There are a couple of things you need to know first, so please read these instructions. When you are finished you may download a form to print and fill out. For now, these forms will need to brought to the store and given to a cashier or scanned and emailed to


Things to Know


Getting the Sale price when you order

Our products have varying sales cycles according to what kind of sale they are and what distributor they come from. The date you need to order by is printed on the sales flyer and on signs in the store. If you do not wish to order an item if you can no longer get the sale price, please check the appropriate field in the order form. 



If you place a case/special order for an item and the item is Out of Stock, you may lose the sale price. This happens very rarely but has been known to occur, especially with very popular products. Getting your order in as early as possible helps. We will contact you in such cases to ask what you would like to do - order the item anyway or cancel the order. We apologize that this happens, but it is beyond our control, as it happens at the distributor level.


Finding more sales

There are more sales in the store than the ones listed in the Sale and Owner Buy flyers. Items not listed in the sales flyers can be special ordered, as well.


Want to order less than a case?

Typically, we order items by the case. In some instances, as in wellness products, it is possible to order items in individual packages. In cases where a single is requested, the buyer for the product you are interested in will be in touch with you, using the preferred contact method indicated on your form, so you know if ordering an individual package is possible.


Owners receive a 10% discount on cases

Owners receive a 10% discount on case orders.

It is the Co-op's policy to not stack discounts.


Rain check?

Sorry, no rain checks will be given.


What happens next?

Your request is emailed directly to the buyer, so they can get your order in as soon as possible. When your items arrive they will contact you. Please plan to pick up your goods within 30 days. Otherwise, your item could be restocked or sold to someone else.


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