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• You don't have to sign up or give out any personal information.

•Anyone with a Link card can participate.

• Redeem coupons in the same shopping trip or bring them back later!

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More about the program

Neighborhood Co-op Grocery is excited to participate in the Link Match incentive program, which allows low-resource individuals and families an opportunity to increase their buying power.  We are always looking for ways to make shopping at the Co-op more affordable and inclusive of the whole community.  By partnering with Experimental Station, we are able to participate in the Link Match program that helps more people gain access to healthy local produce and helps more local farmers strengthen their businesses.


With generous support from the USDA's Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) Program and from other corporate, city and private funding sources, Experimental Station’s Link Up Illinois program enables Illinois farmers markets, farm stands, co-ops and grocery stores to double the value of purchases for shoppers using their Link cards, giving customers greater buying power towards fresh, locally produced foods.


Experimental Station works with local organizations, such as the Co-op, to draw awareness, educate, and launch programs like Link Match to allow low-income families greater accessibility for healthier options. Not only does Link Match create opportunities for more affordable nutritious foods, but it also rebuilds linkages between local agricultural producers and consumers. Experimental Station also provides participating markets with training and technical assistance for implementing these programs successfully.

For more information about Link Up Illinois, please visit the website at‐overview

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