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About Us: Mission & Values
So, what's our big purpose?

We aim to serve the needs of our owners and patrons by providing wholesome foods economically in the cooperative tradition, in ways that best promote the health of the individual, the community, and the earth.

The Co-op is here to do two things: 

1. Cultivate community

2. Provide meaningful goods and services to our region


This means we go beyond a traditional business model, putting more of an emphasis on taking care of the region that supports us.

Our values

We believe:

  • The cooperative business structure is the most effective way of meeting consumers' needs. 

  • All individuals should be treated with respect. Neighborhood Co-op Grocery exercises honesty and integrity with employees, customers, suppliers and the community. 

  • A fair, diverse, and supportive workplace provides open employment and opportunities.

  • Exceptional customer service will contribute to an outstanding shopping experience.

  • Informed choices made by consumers have a far-reaching impact on the local and global community.


We are committed to providing educational services and resources to enhance consumers' awareness. We honor the earth by supporting and promoting environmentally responsible products, business practices and sustainable agriculture.

The health of the planet depends on the health of its inhabitants.

Our vision and what we hope to achieve

Because of Neighborhood Co-op, the people of Southern Illinois and surrounding areas will have:

  • A more engaged, vibrant community focused on local sustainability

  • Access to meaningful products and services

  • A model of a cooperatively-owned and profitable business

  • An increased understanding of food systems

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