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Outreach & Events Coordinator

Job description

Purpose: To represent the co-op to the community under the direction of the Brand Manager, in accordance with the annual branding plan and annual promotional calendar.


Status: Reports to Brand Manager

10-20 hours/week with a flexible schedule. Note: Events and workflow/workload will determine actual hours. Larger events (and planning) may require additional weekly hours.


Pay Level III

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Submit your resume and qualifications by Jan. 31 to



Responsible for assisting community and fundraising programs, ensuring the smooth flow of events and participants' engagement.

  • Respond to requests from community groups for co-op participation in events, store tours, etc.

  • Schedule and lead store tours for visiting groups as arranged.

  • Develop a kit of materials (displays, handouts, product samples and equipment) for co-op booths/tables at community events by coordinating with Brand Manager.

  • Represent the Co-op at community events/meetings.

  • Manage, administer, and report donations for

    • Fundraising events

    • Quarterly Wooden Nickels program

    • Community donation requests



Responsible for coordinating and executing community events and activities sponsored by or participated in by the Co-op (e.g., 5K Run/Walk, Farm Crawl, Empty Bowls, Lights Fantastic Parade, etc.)

  • Set and facilitate meetings with committee/staff members for events

  • Work within budget set by Brand Manager for each event

  • Contact local producers as needed

  • Arrange for food and other supplies

  • Work with Brand Manager to arrange for publicity and media coverage

  • Write Press Releases as needed

  • Arrange for set-up and clean-up of event site or area of store to be used

  • Coordinate use of other staff for special events and other special projects from other managers and buyers as requested

  • Recruit and manage volunteers and volunteer relations for events



Responsible for contributing to and/or creating content for the Co-op, as directed by the Brand Manager. (e.g., writing/editing, simple photography, simple video, etc.)

  • Newsletters (print and digital)

  • Website content

  • Social media content and posting

  • Advertising

  • Press releases/public relations



Supervise, coordinate, manage, and support Co-op and/or community goals with the facilitation of .

  • Screen potential teachers, using a worksheet to capture all needed information.

  • Maintain a schedule of events in the community room; find other locations as needed.

  • Arrange for needed cooking equipment and supplies.

  • Ensure class instructors have needed grocery and supplies.

  • Maintain teaching kitchen/community room: ensuring cleanliness for classes and events, as well as security of equipment and small wares.

  • Handle registrations for classes or coordinate registrations with the front end.

  • Collect evaluations of classes and retain them for future evaluation.

  • Propose ideas for future classes or guest speakers to the Brand Manager.

  • Submit class roster for coming season one month prior to start or as needed for promotion and communication.



  • Attend marketing meetings to plan promotions.

  • Perform other tasks assigned by the Brand Manager.




  • Ability to project an outgoing, friendly personality.

  • Experience serving the public.

  • Excellent communications skills--clear direction, good listener.

  • Organized, pays attention to detail.

  • Ability to handle multiple demands.

  • Excellent time management skills

  • Professional experience writing and editing for publication

  • Desktop publishing experience

  • Design experience is a plus

  • Access to computer outside store and software necessary to perform tasks

  • Ability to do some administrative tasks from home

  • Willingness and ability to learn and grow to meet the changing requirements of the job.

  • Provide excellent internal and external customer service

  • Willingness to work as a team member, but maintains the ability to work with minimal supervision

  • Familiarity with natural, local and organic foods.

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