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Pumpkin Race: Co-op Wins Grand Prize

Neighborhood Co-op for the first time ever, entered the Carbondale Great Pumpkin Race. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Carbondale Breakfast and Carbondale Main Street, this annual race is a family friendly event that kids, adults and organizations come together to race pumpkins.


If you visited our store during October, you may have noticed our rather large pumpkin that sat in the produce section. The pumpkin was purchased from McLaughlin Farms in Murphysboro. We had a little fun by having a “guess the weight” contest. We had two winners who guessed the correct weight of 160 pounds! But the run didn’t stop there.


After the contest was over, we realized our pumpkin could be used to enter the Carbondale Great Pumpkin Race that was held Oct. 28. The pumpkin was transformed into a racecar that was driven by a stuffed monkey named Hannah Banana. Hannah Banana was a crowd favorite. However it was her racing experience that drove us to win in the Grand Prix race. Winning by a split second, the Co-op won the $500 grand prize!


Our mission in this event was to be involved and support a community event; we may have had a little fun at the same time. Our win was an added bonus, to which we donated the money to Good Samaritan House of Carbondale. Good Samaritan is an organization that supports the most vulnerable in our community by supplies meals, a food pantry, emergency shelter, and other services. Thanks to all those who came out to support us!

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