Co-op Farm Crawl

Registration is only $20 per car load!

Do you know who your local farmers are? Now is your opportunity to meet, talk, visit, learn and tour 13 of our southern Illinois farms. Why does it cost? Well we have made the Farm Crawl a fundraiser! Monies raised will go to support Food Works, a non-profit organization facilitating the development of a regional food economy in Southern Illinois. Visit for more information.

Plus put a face to the name and get to know your farmers!

The Farm Crawl celebrates the regions growers, producers, and ranchers as the fall harvest season gets underway. Andrew Banks and Sarah Newman, owners and farmers at Five Hen Farm in Lick Creek, raise high-quality pasture raised pork and poultry. Banks explains, “Sarah and I have been on the Farm Crawl in year’s past, visiting other farms. It’s a really great opportunity to see what the farmer is doing what the farm is about.”

For Five Hen Farm, who is participating in Crawl, it's an opportunity to showcase their healthy animals and the hard work they have put into starting a new farm. “For us, it's a break in the everyday mundane from farming, and a chance to have more visitors (on the farm) than we normally would. To have this many visitors to your farm is pretty awesome. We’re getting the farm ready and look forward to people visiting and seeing what we do,” says Banks. 

Farm Crawl veterans, Tam and John Pirmann of River to River Farm located in Tunnel Hill, have participated in the past years and continue to open their farm to the public. Tam relays, “We love hosting the Farm Crawl. It gives us a chance to meet like-minded people interested in good food and let’s us show off a bit.” River to River Farm grows a diverse mix of vegetables, including their highly sought after baby ginger and turmeric. The farm’s resident goats remain popular with Farm Crawl participants and goat milk soaps and lotions can be purchased during the Crawl.

So bring all your friends and family in one car, truck or van for only $20! And, with 13 farms to see over two days you can see more than ever! The crawl is self-guided, so take time to read the profiles of the different farms in our Farm Crawl Booklet. You can register online or in-store; pick-up booklet and car pass in-store after August 26, 2017.

Please note online purchases will still require you to pick up your car pass and booklet in store. 


Participating Farms:

Scratch Brewing (Saturday & Sunday 1-6 pm)
Rolling Oaks Alpaca Ranch (Saturday & Sunday 1-6 pm)
Owl Creek Vineyard (Saturday & Sunday 1-6 pm)
Flyway Family Farm (Sunday 1-6 pm)
Five Hen Farm (Saturday & Sunday 1-6 pm)
Dayempur Herbals (Sunday 1-6 pm)
Dayempur Farm and Center for Sustainable living(Sunday 1-6 pm)
J Buchheit Farm--Lick Creek Pork & Beef (Saturday 4-6 pm)
La Colina Linda Farm and B&B (Sunday 1-6 pm)
Sorensen’s Heritage Farm (Sunday 1-6 pm)
River to River Farm (Sunday 1-6 pm)
Shawnee Hills Lavender, LLC (Saturday 1-6 pm)
Countrysprout Organics (Sunday 1-6 pm)

Details: Event held rain or shine, canceled in case of lightning. Transportation is not provided. No childcare or supervision will be provided by the participating farms, producers or by the Co-op. For safety's sake, no pets, please. See a cashier in the store or our website for more information. Registration and proof of purchase is required to enter the farms. If you register online, you will need to come to the store to get booklet and pass. These passes will be your proof of purchase to enter the farms.

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